_ Birds And Lunars

a little video on a half good half rainy day :)
Devizes Wiltshire - 2011 United Kingdom
  2011-04-03 02:13 2359

6_ they said...

plimper _ 136 months
“You learn so quickly!! Great video Dave, gives me lots of things to be working on - I'm still pretty cack at lunars... give me your skillz please sir.... :-) John.”
TLMB _ 136 months
“Well, there's this extended version www19.atwiki.jp/shakemid/pages/223.html , which I've called Migration (lots of bird movement, y'see? geddit? never mind...) (Literally "Around the galaxy"), so I guess for your one you're good with Bird Around The World/Around The Bird/Around The Bird World.... whichever you like.”
TLMB _ 136 months
“BATW.... I reckon it's been done before, but I'll have to have a hunt around on kendamarevolutions to see if I can find it/find what it's called. Meanwhile... I'm off to collect the new book from the printers. :-)”
dave_from_the_grave _ 136 months
“i know its rubbish i just cant afford it at the moment. thanks for the names i can now sound like i know what im on about. bird around the world is that the real name or can we make something up?”
TLMB _ 136 months
“Re names:
Small cup bird
Reverse swing to small cup bird
Bird turn
Bird around the world?
Stickie=variation on Thumb trap.
All very nice clicking, Dave, you're really on it. Shame you can't make it to BKO. :-(”
looby _ 136 months
“Liking around the bird, very nice man”

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