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Dynamic balancing)--juggling an extract from the balance.
encyclopedia of circus art at the heart of RUSSIA-(stunt repertoire rooms
-reception of balancing poles, vertically set its bottom end at
butt the other sticks (palki22 mm in diameter) which keeps the artist reception
known yet Eng. skomoroham. Credit and Arslanova that he was able to
This technical work to build an interesting admission žonglerskuû all rooms
rich in new tricks. Podbrosiv stick upwards, the artist makes its
stick in the air a few revolutions. Selecting a row, he catches a stick at
butt, a second stick in his hand and keeps her in balance
ballanse. Possessing jewelry precision ability to so measure Albert constantly varies tricks
shooting sticks. He throws the ball with his legs, butt sock etc. sticks, throws
catches and balances the stick at the forefront of the dagger handle which it holds
teeth work built on connecting Alberta Arslanova with balancing
elements of jugglery-which opens a new direction in the genre, and can be
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