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(original youtube description)Three of the Pontefract diaboloists popped around last Saturday and we had a bit of a session.
This video is maybe the first chance a lot of people will have had to see what kind of stuff the Ponte lot do. In this vid its mainly Minig and fan stuff but some slack knot stuff and the odd other thing gets a look in. Very casual and relaxed is the vibe. I lengthened my string just for the occasion.
(I made this about a year ago, it was a classic 'lets film some stuff so that we can see what we should film for a proper video... lets make a rough video... lets put it out anyway' It's long and very fan heavy but the tunes nice. (Oh it's also the diabolo video with the most hits on youtube - 217,960- which I guess I'll have to learn to live with))
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