JTV Champion 2018
JTV Champion
Here are the RESULTS of our JTV Champion contest. The judges wrote: ...

The Juggling.tv Champion of 2018-2019 has been decided! Before we let you know who he or she may be (no peaking ahead), we just want to thank you all for all your phenomenal work. Deciding on the winners may have been tricky, but watching all of your entries was nothing less than a pleasure. We get to watch jugglers from all over the world at the top of their game…and it’s our job? Life is good.


Each runner-up receives £300 store credit to spend at Oddballs.
JTV will contact them shortly with details of how to claim their prizes

Bones by Lisa & Callum

Bones <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
Now, we don’t want to undermine the two extremely talented hoopers here by saying that the setting almost sold us as much as their graceful synergy. The spot where they chose to work their magic, one of the Azores Islands just off Portugal, feels like going urban exploring in the middle of an island paradise! The moody lighting and elaborate framing of their shots is just as impressive. Was that a drone shot at the end there? We just loved the way they weaved their hoops around each other’s bodies, even at one point looking like a juggling Ganesh! Mesmerising stuff.

Monterrey Jam feat. Cinthia Buitrón “La Flaka” by lucasadverse

Monterrey Jam feat. Cinthia Buitrón “La Flaka” <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
A great juggler can make meticulous and complex patterns look effortless and silky smooth, and this video features two of them doing just that with aplomb. There’s something almost mechanistic about the intricate patterns the two of them achieve when they combine their bodies in a ballet of head stalls, body rolls and unique passes. We would happily watch some of these on an infinite loop if there weren’t more finalists to announce.

I'm 21 (#1) by IljaSmyslov

I'm 21 (#1) <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
For the last of our runner-ups we chose a bouncing video that only gets more impressive as it goes along. Every time our ball bouncer dips into his yellow box, he ups the difficulty, finally culminating in a tight 9-ball bounce that truly knocked us out (and almost knocked out the camera, too!). We love your relaxed style and that you weren’t afraid to break out into a smile.

Now for our WINNER, and our favourite video from all the submissions:

The winner receives £1000 store credit to spend at Oddballs.
JTV will contact the winner shortly, with details of how to claim your prize.

A day with yanis by .andreas.

A day with yanis <-- Please visit the video page to rate/comment.
Us jugglers are constantly wracking our brains trying to dream up new ways of adding our own spin on tried-and-tested formulas. At one point simply riding a unicycle would have been enough of a novelty to elicit the applause of the public. But no, they wanted more from us! Sure enough, someone soon got the idea to juggle and unicycle at the same time. Not the easiest thing to pull off, as anyone who’s done it can verify. As you can see from the beginning of this video, our intrepid juggler has mastered this ability, juggling and uni’ing together with wonderful poise. Of course the obvious next step was to add a spoon to the mix. He balances the cutlery on his nose whilst unicycling and juggling clubs, and it’s one of the most impressive things we’ve seen this year, which is why he is the Juggling.TV Champion of 2018-2019! We won’t hold his ensuing collision with the camera against him. Even the best of us would get carried away after pulling off a feat like that.

Well that’s it for this year, folks. A humongous thanks to everyone who entered the competition! Even if you didn’t quite snag a place on the list of winners, chances are you came awfully close. If you found these impressive, be sure to check out last year’s winners as well.

JTV would like to thank Oddballs for their generous prize sponsorship!

JTV Champion
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