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BBB retirement


I deeply love bbb but I had to stop practicing it long ago (2008) due to sustained wrist injuries and alas there is no videos of me in my prime. Adam inspired me to film a few old tricks at Turbo so tonight I grabbed my balls for the first time since 2011 and tried to film them. I managed to learn a new one and do another one for the first time ever! This video contains those, a few old 3bbb tricks and a few 4bbb clips from 2011 when I failed to start seriously again (you can see the evolution of my beard)./n It's been a pleasure to see the new kids push the boundaries and I have no regret, thanks to my injuries I've started rings and rarely look back upon my bbb days even though they were amazing moments. So it's with no shame that I announce my official retirement from the bbb world, have fun doing it, I'll the happy to join you for a few seconds once in a while. /nThanks a lot for all your support in my challenge with Norbi, I've got 90 new suscribers in 3 days and 700 to go in 10 days! New video tomorro






DFC Diabolo Fitness Center part 1


well a crazy video about ur home made diabolo fitness center what do you think? stupid? funny? part 2 coming soon
omer - munk - ben - benkhin - 3 - 4 - 5 - 2 - 2d - 3d - 4d - 5d - low - 3bbb - israel - juggling - diabolo - diablo - fitness - center - dekel - azulay






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