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Colaboración Diábolo 2011 Circoforum


One more year we bring you our Collaboration Video. Spanish diabolo players from all around the country and even abroad team up for an almost 10 minutes video. This year we pay tribute to Kukutza III (in Bilbao), an occupied cultural center that has been providing a mixed and wide cultural alternative for many years in a working-class neighbourhood. It's been evicted and next demolished in September 2011. http://kukutza.blogspot.com/ We also want to dedicate this to all the people suffering the consequences of a crisis and the ones taking the streets to protest. Don't give up; we can. Thanks to all the diabolo players involved, and especially to our editor, Blonfu, for his hard work. :) This is our 4th diabolo project, check the ones from 2006, 2009 and 2010 too!






juggling robot


Indeed you see a juggling robot. I've seen it on a fair for teachers, trainers and others like them (Didacta). Seems like their job's getting boring...






[Diabolo] M4U - The Tune


Hi to all... this is my new video recorded between Oviedo (mostly), Zaragoza and Pescara during the Christmas holidays...what i want to show in this video is "the ideas" behind rather then the tricks itself (the tune in the song that the girl can't remove from her head)...anyway i wish you like it....enjoy little video comment trick at 1:25 - 1:28...Didac (a spanish juggler) show me it during the zaragoza convention and i put it in that combo trick at 1:55 there is a stick's change trick at 2:30 is an integral (or something like that) i try to film it better but my cam is not one of the best and the sticks go too fast like a triple-genocide trick at 2.55 Sergej show me that simple but cool change's sticks at EJC 2008






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