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2 handed shoot the moon yoyo trick - Luke Renner


Trick featured in the video is two handed "reach for the moon" aka "shoot for the moon". Trick tips: 1) Practice each individual hand before combining the trick. 2) Use a fixed axle. 3) There is no easy way to master this trick other than practicing everyday. Special thanks to Dale! Yo-yos used by Luke Renner are generic and cost around $1.50 for two. Filmed in Northwest New Mexico on 8/28/10 by filmmakers George Thomas and Thomas LaRue. Music by JAH ROOTS - Steppin Out Of Babylon/ Track "Ya, Ya, Yo" Creative Commons License Attribution 2.5 Generic.






3 club kickup tutorial


Luke Wilson takes us through the steps of learning the 3 club kickup. You should already know how to kick up one club before attempting instructions in this video. Undertake instructions at your own risk. Entry for the International Jugglers' Association's Video Tutorial Contest - www.juggle.org Presented and juggled by Luke Wilson - www.lukewilson.de Video by Arron Sparks - www.arronsparks.com Copyright 2010.
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corrected notation Interception line changes are immediate - the juggler and manipulator swap line before the next beat. So, even if it is a 1 beat intercept with a line instruction after it, the juggler and manipulator change lines first, then read the line change instruction afterwards. They follow both instructions, but the order is important. So if a manipulator line showed at the end of the line: iB => M the juggler who was B up until the last instruction becomes M because of the intercept (iB) and then they stay M because of the (=> M).






Sam I Am Tutorial


This is a tutorial for the trick "Sam I Am", submitted to the 2011 IJA Tutorial contest. Details on the contest can be found at http://www.juggle.org . Starting on April 1st, voting instructions can also be found there. Hope you learn something; please remember to vote. Preferably for me, but even if not, vote in any case!






Shoot the Moon Yo-Yo Trick - Luke Renner


Trick featured in the video is "reach for the moon" aka "shoot for the moon". Special thanks to Dale! Yo-yo used by Luke Renner are generic and cost around $1.50 for two. Filmed in Northwest New Mexico on 11/5/11 by Izzi Renner. Features public domain footage and music courtesy of Stuart and Juice Tigers.






Y you follow me


A new pattern created using Aidan notation. The manipulators in this pattern are dependent, as clubs are taken by one manipulator and replaced by the other. 4 count static Y base, with B at the back of the Y, D in the middle of the Y, A on the left of the Y (from the point of view of D and B) and C on the right. Aiden notation for the pattern: A ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss B ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss C ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss D ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss M1 cD|--|sA|iA|cA|-- M2 sC|iC|cD|iD|cB|iB Starting: M1 starts back to back with D facing B M2 stands in front of C facing C We start with a ps and then the manipulators begin on ss. The manipulators start on the last instruction at ss as it is written above (M1 --, M2 iB) When M1 reaches the end of the instructions, M1 becomes M2 (having reached the physical location of M2 at the start of the M2 instructions). Similarly M2 becomes M1






Yo-Yo Bearing Maintenance


www.arronsparks.com www.yoyojam.info A short guide to how to clean and look after your Stainless Steel ball bearing from a Yo-Yo. You will need: Ball bearing Yo-Yo Lighter fluid YoYoJam Lube (thin or thick) Tweezers Glass Jar Pliers/bearing removal tool Cloth/Tissue Ceramic bearings should not be cleaned in the way described in the video. Yo-Yo used in this video: Axiom & Sunset Trajectory NXG. Please note that steps in this guide can be dangerous and that following instructions from this video are taken at your own risk. Children should enrol the help of a responsible adult. Lighter fluid is highly flammable, gives off dangerous fumes and should be disposed of carefully as it is bad for the environment. If not followed correctly this tutorial can result in breaking the bearing or Yo-Yo.






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