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Monobolo prototype 2007


Monobolo is one sided diabolo that really works. This is old prototype of it. I wanted to make act with like 20 monobolos in similar way that you spin plates on a stick but with one sided diabolos, I also wanted to be able to do regular diabolo tricks with those as well. I knew there wasn't prop for that in stores so I asked Jürgen Kreisz to do that kind of thing because I really liked his diabolo kits. I think he had plans for that kind of thing already... Anyway I got the prototype and this is basicly first test video of it. Nothing special. Then Jürgen made more and we sold many in FDC. While selling these things we gave it a name monobolo. And that is sweet. Fun toy. I haven't made the act I planned, I bet it would be boring and stupid.






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