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SJC 2009my winning preformance


My first ever edited video. Some footage from the SJC (Slovenian juggling convention) 2009. I didn`t film alot because I had so much fun. If you had the posibility of coming and didn`t that was a bad choise. Stuff that I saw: 1-7 balls 1-6 rings 1-6 clubs 1-(very slopy)3 diabolos sock poi yo-yo Cecilia Zucchetti!!! passing ball, club, balloon twisting, rope walking,...workshops,... After that we had the Slovenian championship. There were 3 categories 0-14 years (1st place Matic Morgan (me) 14+ years (1st place Blaž Slaniš) passing (1st place matjaž Kekec and Blaš Slanič) I posted this vid a bit late becaus I thought editing is hard but is very fun. So a yo-yo vid is coming soon. Enjoy.






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