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2013 Contactjuggling.org Collaboration Video


Contact Juggling, an ancient art recently codified and popularized by Michael Moschen, is as indefinable as it is magical. Rather than try to describe it, the community of ContactJuggling.org began this project to show you how each of us sees Contact Juggling. Whether dance, juggling, mime, or magic (or perhaps all four or none at all), this video showcases years of hard work by artists across four continents, each bound together by a common interest but all unique in their study./nEdited by Riel Green and Sennyo of Casual Arcane (CasualArcane.com) All music by Module (Modulemodule.com) and Bri Maneely (soundcloud.com/brimaneely) Video by Contactjuggling.org and contact jugglers around the world!/nFor more information about contact juggling, or to find out how to be a part of next year's collaboration video, visit www.contactjuggling.org! Thank you for watching!!






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