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More is less, less is more. Fewer sticks, strings, diabolos. More hands, more heads. Fewer clothes? More trees. [Click 'Fit To Window' in the Flash player]

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Projekt NMN is a research on control, substance and sanctity, inspired by art, religions and beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.

Projekt NMN mixes physical theater with juggling, live music and questioning laughter. It is a dialogue between three jugglers and a folk musician concerning objects, riddles, puzzles and other important things.

Projekt NMN is true poetry of contemporary circus, a visual poem of all that exists.

work in progress 2.5. -7.5.2012 at Supiainen residency, Eräjärvi.

Projekt NMN will have it's premiere when the time is.
Eräjärvi Finland
  2012-05-07 05:11 9057

8_ they said...

LesterFord _ 95 months
““Brilliant, superbly creative!… but why the random naked dude running about?
congasious _ 95 months
“nude is cool, violence not... one of the strongest taboos religions put us through.. sweet video :)”
KINESSIS _ 96 months
“Nothing against nudity, but the boundaries between art and kitsch is thin .. thumbs down ..”
Adam_H. _ 96 months
“geiles Video....(Y)”
Feela _ 96 months
“I think it can be better video filmed in the theatre :/”
Simalacrum _ 96 months
“Brilliant, superbly creative!… but why the random naked dude running about? XD”
Manuel _ 96 months
“Super, good Video and Performance .....”
enjoyjuggling _ 96 months
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