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I've been in grad school for 18 months now and it's been a difficult trip. Certainly more time consuming than undergrad but after the first semester I managed to find time to balance life out a bit more, resume volunteer work and circus training. The tricks in this video were mostly filmed over Thanksgiving and Christmas break and almost entirely involve backcrosses with clubs mainly because that's what I'm most excited about sharing at the moment. My knees gave me some problems several years ago and it's made me too paranoid about re-injuring them to do 360 tricks on an un-waxed floor. It's not any loss to the viewer as I haven't learned any new spin tricks in a long time. This is not to say I don't give them the effort, just that I haven't improved on them for a while. There are 360 tricks I could do in high school that I can't do much better these days despite the 6 years of practice that have passed. There are no balls in the video because I couldn't find a way to film them clearly and there is not
Houston Texas - 2013 United States
  2013-12-22 03:43 2871

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thegoheads _ 125 months
“nice to see you are still juggling sometimes! solid stuff man.”

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