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Jay Linn says_ It was shot
in '89-'90, the year before I attended, and first aired sometime in '90 or
'91. Persoanlly I find it fascinating for a number of reasons, not least
of which are the hairstyles and clothes, but also for all the old faces,
some of whom are still around now, but others I wouldn't have the faintest
where they are now.

_ Fool Time and new circus documentary

TV programme which covered the then-new phenomenon of new circus in 1990, featuring footage of Archaos' Chapiteau des Cordes show, various segments of Fool Time students, and an excerpt from a show
London, Bristol et al - 1990 United Kingdom
  2008-09-22 25:45 8027

2_ they said...

Longdavid _ 118 months
“I remember it well. I think there was 30 of us on the course that year. The end of year show was called The Wall.”
dash _ 169 months
“watching this video made me smile so much and remember how things were back then. how funny .”

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