_ Mind the Gap

My diabolo throw over the coach house at Warwick Castle. Have any of you thrown over something that was hard to spot the other side? Managed this 3times in a row. Great crowd pleaser.
Warwick Castle - 2011 United Kingdom
  2014-10-01 00:09 1155

2_ they said...

christophrost _ 87 months
“Cheers. I kept doing the same. Tried it the same way as you but over where the draw bridge shouldve been but I wasn't fast enough to catch the gap... Gutted.”
TLMB _ 87 months
“Ha, nice! I did this a few times at Chessington, with a crowd queueing on top of a walkway. Threw over the walkway, and dashed into the courtyard for a catch. Had to stop when I nearly ran into a lady. Oops. Looks like your version is nice and safe though. Keep it up (and over)!”

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