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REFEATURED for being one of the WINNERS in our JTV Champion competition.

A great duo collaboration, mixing club head stalls and body rolls in passing patterns.

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_ Monterrey Jam feat. Cinthia Buitrón “La Flaka”

As a continuation to my “jam” video series, I was able to collab with another prominent Mexican juggler during my study abroad experience in Mexico. This time I have a female juggler for the first time in this series, and I am very honoured that this juggler is La Flaka. La Flaka is known for being the first (or only) juggler in the history to explore the top-of-the-head balance in the midst of tricks. Before her, jugglers had done patterns while holding that club balance, but no one was ever able to actually integrate the top-of-the-head balance with different siteswaps and body rolls. After hanging out with the Unicirclo Laguna crew in Monterrey for a week, I noticed the potential for modern passing tricks with her and I decided to visit them once again in order to record this video. Thank you Tinoco, Flaka and Leonardo Icaza for making this possible and for being extremely kind and welcoming!

Full video with better quality and more details on YouTube!
Monterrey - 2018 Mexico
  2018-10-09 04:00 14930

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