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club balancing. different figures and a notation.
Mainz - 2008 Germany
  2008-09-23 05:02 10719

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mikeymangorilla _ 92 months
“I show this video every time there is a group of people sharing juggling videos! so insane. Are you going to ejc this summer?”
jo_gazab _ 123 months
“I used henrys delphin clubs for that. They work best for most of these tricks. Some tricks work with other henry type clubs, too, but then it's a bit harder.”
TheJ _ 123 months
“This is so great, what kind of clubs are those? They can balance in ways a lot of clubs can't naturally. I ==”
Grohy _ 156 months
please, wath of club do you have? I have pirouettes from Hanris but some balancetricks are hard with them...
And the nex questin is... How do you give the third Club up? I need every time some assistent... :D”
enjoyjuggling _ 164 months
“wow!nice notation!wanna see more!!!!”
Mr.Retro _ 172 months
“These are all awesome! I haven't quite caught the notation yet, but I'm certain I'm going to start working on these great balances. Thanks for the inspiration!”

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