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It's very rare to see a juggling act that doesn't use music in some way, but it's equally rare to see one that really incorporates the music into the act, rather than just 'juggling along' to it. Here Paul and Jo present a beautifully-paced soprano saxophone and ball piece, well worthy of any convention show.

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performed in Ghent, 2009
Ghent Belgium
  2010-12-23 08:27 4581

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JTV _ 163 months
“"Is it a clarinet? I think it's a clarinet... Yeah, it's probably a clarinet...". Well, okay, it was "nearly a clarinet". I changed the Feature text to hide my ignorance. Thanks for the enlightenment.”
jo_gazab _ 163 months
“well... thanks for featuring, but actually it's a soprano saxophone. I will have to work on my clarinet skills quite a bit before being able to play like that. But it's on a good way. ;-)”
henrysvelour _ 163 months
“Exellent !!!!!!!! :D”

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