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名古屋からのいくつかの優れたジャグリング。すごい !このようにあなたの腕を移動してみてください。

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_ Nagoya Jam - ジャグ練 feat. Hirota

I'm studying in Japan and luckily I'm staying in the same city as Hirota. Since we can easily meet and our juggling styles fit each other we decided to make this video. He is a huge inspiration to me since I started juggling, so meeting him and recording this video was an honour to me.

Check out Hirota's channel and his instagram:
My instagram and facebook page:

Koan Sound - Sly Fox

Location: Meijō Kōen, Nagoya (Japan).

Just in case you are wondering what happened in the end:
I dropped right before the last catch but he didn't notice, so after he celebrated he realized that I'd dropped it and he said "I know that feeling (when you drop right before the last catch)".

Thank you for watching!
2016 Japan
  2016-03-26 03:41 3450

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Wis _ 99 months
“Such a great mood in the video :)”

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