_ Living spaces

We create leading spaces, ending spaces and spatial ends, have you ever filled the vacuum in the air?
We will feed the will, we want the satiety with severe perseverance. We bestow infinite distances in finite fake hives. Have you ever filled the void? Living spaces we live, we live invisible spaces. Homes uninhabitable, discreetly distancing us from the vicinity. We run unacceptable risks, we accept impassable rhythms, invincible disagreements feed our heart./nJugglers: +Andrea Zanelli +Antonio Caggioni
Flycam and videoshooting: +Filippo Cattaneo
Video edit: Zoomba production
Music: Dj EL D - Savvy
Special thanks to Hashetic Front records Hip Hop Label
bergamo - 2016 Italy
  2016-05-09 02:52 1714

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