_ Trix with Brix

This is a nice Cigar Box video we filmed in december 2008. It's meant to show what we are currently working on.

It's not "place-the-tripod-and-juggle-as-if-the-w orld-is-coming-to-end", instead we tried take the technical aspect of juggling into account, but focus more on the aspect of aesthetics (and toilets) and the underlying music.

I hope we were successful and you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Christoph Baumer & Matthias Wiebel

Bernd Lietzow

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Kaiserslautern Germany
  2008-12-16 07:46 4710

7_ they said...

sumthinluv _ 120 months
“great video, loads of fun!!! :) i recon box tricks never looked so stylish!!!”
ben-2-8 _ 120 months
“Very cooloooooollloooooool!!! I love that video, favorite!”
fleischwolfmetzger _ 125 months
“The song is from Adam Freeland and is called "We want your soul". (also mentioned in the end titles ;-))”
noel _ 125 months
“wich one is this song?”
Cosmo _ 125 months
“great job! and it's not true it's not technical, i found many nice ideas in it, compliments. it would be super if you did other videos, because i think many people enjoied it, and because the cigar boxes' world should be more lively (while now there are only old videos and even not many). Also nice song! (could you tell me the title please?) Big up!”
Leeroy _ 126 months
“is super gut geworden :) sehr hübsch geschnitten und so”
TLMB _ 126 months
“Very nice stuff. Has a fun feel to it too, which is always a bonus. Hmmmm.... maybe my boxes are due for a dust-off...”

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