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Jtv says_ I can't get these tricks out of my head!

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_ [Diabolo] M4U - The Tune

Hi to all...
this is my new video recorded between Oviedo (mostly), Zaragoza and Pescara during the Christmas holidays...what i want to show in this video is "the ideas" behind rather then the tricks itself (the tune in the song that the girl can't remove from her head)...anyway i wish you like it....enjoy

little video comment

trick at 1:25 - 1:28...Didac (a spanish juggler) show me it during the zaragoza convention and i put it in that combo

trick at 1:55 there is a stick's change

trick at 2:30 is an integral (or something like that) i try to film it better but my cam is not one of the best and the sticks go too fast like a triple-genocide

trick at 2.55 Sergej show me that simple but cool change's sticks at EJC 2008
Oviedo, Zaragoza (Spain) and Pescara (Italy) - 2009 Spain
  2009-01-15 04:02 11564

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JakobFöderl _ 87 months
“hat kind of diabolos have you got?”
@kdiabolo _ 96 months
“yes,super cool”
jayjay _ 101 months
“good very good. nice videos.”
zjames50 _ 102 months
“sweet vid!”
kosper _ 106 months
“que onda mman eres bueno he!!!!! aqui un saludo0o0 desde mexico
kosper_mbk@hotmail.com agregame para conversar”
Toddyupa _ 113 months
“For me: Good News: I actually did one of m4U's tricks!! Bad News: It was the one at 2:53...”
zachas _ 113 months
“nice one! some interesting stuff you got there going...”
Diabolo-Fan _ 118 months
“A creative video!”
Next _ 120 months
“geniale, originale e innovativo”
Kasetta _ 120 months
“M4U davvero complimenti: questo video è bellissimo!”
Wis _ 121 months
L-Finger _ 121 months
“Sono un grande fan di voi. Auguri da parte della Finlandia. -Marko”

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