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Jtv says_ You lucky people. Now available for free, here's Wes' first epic video.

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_ Peden to Sweden (Full Video)

This is a video i made to make money so i could go to circus school. huge thanks to all the people that bought it when it first came out. you helped tremendously!

if you dig the video and want to show some love you can donate money on my site toward future video projects or better yet buy my new one "Expectations."

  2009-01-27 15:31 18970

4_ they said...

Feela _ 134 months
“please someone, what is name of the second song? btw you have the best juggling style ever ;)”
thejuggler _ 155 months
“From the looks of it you don't eve need to go to circus school.”
ben-2-8 _ 156 months
“OO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my god: it's you! YOU'RE A GOD!!! Very impressive, I love the bananas juggling :D”
LuizFelipeddd _ 166 months
“This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
you are the best !”

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