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Jtv says_ And here's the second bounce bus along at the stop (We thought they were meant to come in threes?) An unusual, striking and skillful act - just how we like 'em.

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_ Profesional Juggler

Ruslan Dmytruk.
graduated from the Circus State School of Circus Arts.

The 'MASK' juggling act is one of the most amazing performances of its kind in the world.
With literally hundreds of successful shows ranging from circus to corporate performances,
you will be hard-pressed to find an act of this caliber,
short of turning on the Bravo Channel when they are airing cirque performances,
or visiting the Las Vegas strip! This is the perfect stand-alone act for the ultimate in "WOW" factor, or combines seamlessly into any themed show format.

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Hanover - 2008
  2009-02-06 02:34 4543

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