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JTV says_ We feel sure that Arthur Wellesley would approve of this one. Silke puts the right foot forward, and shows a few leaves what's what in the process.

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_ welly juggling

For the past weeks I have been playing around with different kick up variations. This is the result. A short video with some kick up tricks and balancing. Most still very rough, though. I hope you enjoy it anyways!

juggling and editing: Silke Schirok
club: Henry's pirouette
camera: Andreas Hipper
music: John Stanley, Voluntary VIII, a-minor from Op. 7
organ: Ulrike Schirok
location: Teufelsmoor
Osterholz-Scharmbeck Germany
  2010-01-23 01:18 8033

12_ they said...

yohan610 _ 156 months
jugglerboy123 _ 157 months
“das ist aber super giel
bloddy fukin amazin!!!!!”
outdoor_freak _ 157 months
“@Lambada: In Mainz konnte ich auch nicht schneiden! ;))”
Lambada _ 157 months
“holy shit. das sah in mainz aber noch ganz anders aus.
echt geil”
outdoor_freak _ 157 months
“Hey Tom! Might already be there after half term! :)) FINALLY!!! If everything goes as planned...”
Tom_Hunt _ 158 months
“Sick! How's the wrists? When you coming back? :)”
jakubjanz _ 158 months
“holy cow!
nice tricks and divine gumboots”
jo_gazab _ 158 months
“yay, finally! great stuff and good atmosphere! ...and you absolutely don't notice andreas' concerns about sunset in it! well done!”
enjoyjuggling _ 158 months
“nice balances!love the cow!”
Simalacrum _ 158 months
“Very impressive!
It needs more cow though...”
TuRe _ 158 months
“I really enjoyed that! Thank you!
Keep it up!”
Elias531 _ 158 months
“fuckin' cool!”

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