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JTV says_ Apparently, this is over 3 years old, but it's new to us. Lots of lovely 3 ball moves, with plenty of higher number tricks too. 7 ball mess, anyone?

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_ winter in 2006

で「るき」とか名乗ってます。 でも「るき」の綴りはlkiです.
  2010-05-29 08:02 5891

6_ they said...

Pimkins _ 137 months
“Yummie. Seen the first part, loved it. Second part was genius. A lot of intake in how he got to those gnarly 3 ball tricks.”
ra5se _ 137 months
“I've seen this, still amazes me every time I watch it”
alexjones _ 137 months
“Hexagonic: "I'm sure i've seen the first shot on another video..."
This whole video is on youtube under the titles "Mills Mess in Tokyo" and "ichitaiz Video 3"
And it was indeed filmed in 2006! Shows how ground-breaking these guys were!”
kiseed _ 137 months
“Does anyone know which is the song of the video?”
Catjar _ 137 months
“wow that was incredible.”
hexagonic _ 137 months
“I'm sure i've seen the first shot on another video - youtube maybe via rec. It's a shame there aren't any credits. Epic.”
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