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JTV says_ Responding to a simple request for a 5-ball tennis video, Michael goes beyond the call of duty and offers us several variations too. As if we all didn't have enough tricks to work on already....

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_ 5 Ball Tennis'

A handful of 5 Ball Tennis variations.
The first of these is a pattern involving feet that resembles [44][22]3, then standard tennis, next is 7445555, and finally 7535555.
The foot thing could be more tennisy, and there are many other variations I could have added. I wanted to include all of the variations suggested (tongue in cheek) in the recDot post that instigated this video (753 & 663 w/outside 3s, and 645555 with the 6 caught and thrown crossed arm on one side). I recorded the 645555 pattern and some others that I thought of in a few runs, but decided to use this clip for now.
If there is interest in seeing more tennis variations, I may record a lot more of them.
Miami, Florida - 2010 United States
  2010-06-19 01:10 6533

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Mike88441 _ 165 months
“Okay, actually 663 outside 3's is much harder than I expected. Haha.”
Mike88441 _ 165 months
“Nice! I might try out the 663 variation I suggested on rec. though I have a feeling it might not look very tennisy. Then again 534 with outside 3's looks really tennisy so maybe it will look good. :?”
gantenbein _ 165 months
“Hi Michael,
that was incredibly beautiful! Thanks a lot for putting this up.
Am I interested in seeing more of the tennis variations you talked about? Absolutely !!!

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