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Samuli has fun with his audience. The string's the thing, wherein we'll slack the conscience of the spin!

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_ Samuli at Berlin 2010

oh well, it's those one shot live videos again. It is not even a real gig but just an other juggling festival.
Berlin Germany
  2011-03-23 07:00 3869

9_ they said...

yohan610 _ 138 months
“you're great, no music, only a diabolo and you successed to make everybody laugh, nice job ;p”
mo3 _ 138 months
“samuli, i love it :P christoph already told me about it at some convention, now that i saw it, i believe him. Takes some balls to do a complete knot-routine and even without music! your bold smile makes it even better :P”
JTV _ 138 months
“Thanks for the info, fixing. We have fixed this video's iPod version. Awaiting your email re linux issues.”
fixing _ 138 months
“Hey Juggling.tv on my linux machine with Flash Player installed, the flash videos on juggling.tv do not work with google chromium or mozilla firefox. This video does not work with html5 either, I have only sound, no video.”
Pranay _ 138 months
“It was entertaining to me!”
L-Finger _ 138 months
“I love it for being so lame. ;) It's so not about tricks and then it's all about the tricks.”
Samuli _ 138 months
“Dear Tobi, I know that the act I perfromed is lame. I am really sorry for being such a lame ass juggler as I am. I think Kiko already pointed out the nicest thing in this act, the 'Iwrestledabearonce' -shirt, and I agree with him. I believe that this video wouldn't have been featured without it.”
Tobi _ 138 months
“sorry, but that was pretty lame”
enjoyjuggling _ 138 months
“Nice shirt!”

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