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Body Saucin'


Don't get mixed-up, there's no sauce in the video. "To sauce" means to throw or to pass in Canadian slang (it comes from the saucer pass in hockey), so now it should make sense :) This video is the continuation of my 3 ball juggling experimentation and it mainly focuses on body throws, hence the title. Music: Defunk - Banjo Blues The Sound Providers - 5 minutes (ft. Procussions) Filmed at: Camosun College, Victoria (BC). Thanks for watching!






Dr Hot & Neon


real nice routine involving banjo ekuele's i did have a full 30 min show by these 2 hope i come across it soon would love to share it here






I am the very model of a Modern British Juggler


I am the very model of a modern British juggler, Experienced as thrower, catcher, balancer and spinner-er I know the lazy juggler and I quote the fights historical The loses of Jon peat to brook in order categorical. I’m very well acquainted too with matters mathematical I understand notations both the siteswap and beatmap-able About the other props you ask I’m teeming with a lot of news (hhhmmmm, lot of news, that’s a tough one) With many cheerful facts about what Kendama the Void will use. I’m very good at throwing high like DB97531 I know the algorithms and find rubix cube a lot of fun In short in matters thrower, catcher, balancer and spinner-er I am the very model of a modern British juggler. I know our mythic history Vid Warren in the renegade I saw Tom Derricks rosie cheeks those memories will never fade Out camping in the freezing cold it always seems to smell of grass I even read Jay Linn’s great post about that night with Chris passé passe.






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