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.Org FTL 2k11 Round 12


www.contactjuggling.org follow the leader 2011 round 12 -line up- Claw Iso B2B X'fer to Claw Iso in other hand Bob (finger roll/Squeeze up/2 hand iso combo) X'ed up finger rolls Arm Curls Prayer pass easy variation to Prayer stall Mini Folding Lines Windmill (big sweep to elbow to cradle arm roll) Chest roll Arm Spiral Enigma tracing a circle Circles tracing a archway - Added move for this round- Back of the arm rolls with finger tip to finger tip X'Fer as to form a base for the archway from last round.






.Org FTL Round 13


www.contactjuggling.org follow the leader 2011 round 13 Music by Bassment Jax Song Raindrops (Doorly Dubsteb Remix) Moves 1.Claw Iso 2. B2B Xfer to Claw Iso 3. Finger roll / squeeze up/ 2 hand Iso (BOB) 4. X'ed up finger rolls 5. Arm Curls 6. Prayer pass variation to prayer stall 7. Mini folding lines 8. Big sweep to elbow to cradle arm roll (windmill) 9. Chest roll 10. Arm spiral 11. Enigma tracing a square 12. Circles tracing a archway 13. Walking arm pipe (back arm rolls w/ fingertip to fingertip Xfer) Added Inner arm rolls to inner arm stall






Follow The Leader Week 12


Dr. F. L. Abotomy Presents Follow The Leader Week 12 for contactjuggling.org competition with my gorgeous new Red 90mm Acrylic. /n1. Claw Iso 2. B2B To Claw Iso 3. BOB 4. X'd Up Finger Rolls 5. Arm Curls 6. Prayer Variations 7. Baby folding lines 8. Windmill 9: Chest Roll 10. Spiral 11. Enigma Variations 12. Arching Way Circles 13. Palm 2 Palm transfer variation/nThe song is Three Days Grave - Get Out Alive I do not own this song






Waking Up


Its been a cold winter here in sydney....Introducing my first video. Made while sick " WAKING UP" is bit of a mash up of my first weeks filming. Props: Clubs, balls, fire, hat and cane. WARNING: CONTAINS NAUGHTY WORDS Credits: Performance, Film and editing : Dylan ( Me:) The filming has been inspired by my good friend Benny O, and is happening with hopes of developing some solid routines. (youtube link: http://youtu.be/IHn0cjRs4B0 ) Samples "Joint" by DJ_Patz "Radio Ol' T.V." by Mr. Skeleton & B.h(a)ve Main track "Terrified of the darkness" by Arc Jet Most of these moves have been inspired by and learnt through meeting the great variety of jugglers who come through Sydney's Newtown Juggling Club, also those who attend the Sydney Juggling Convention. Special thanks to Julian Orbach, Mark Douglas, Jibe, Erwan Varaine, Arakawa Tempe, Komei Aoki, Ori Roth and to every one who I've had the pleasure of playing with over the years. Peace






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