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Préchac with my friends


A little selection of Préchac passing patterns by Daniel Sánchez and friends ordered by period from 1 to 8. If you are interested in how these patterns are generated, or you want help choreographing or generating custom patterns, contact [email protected] Jugglers/Malabaristas: Daniel Sánchez, Elena Umlauff, Kiko Porcella, Laura Rubio, Doreen Grossman, Daniel Shultz, Josu Montón, Iris Muñoz, Guillermo Porta, Alice, Juan Carlos Margallo, Elia Pérez Guisado, Isabel López Sáiz, Alix, Declan Mee, Áine de Róiste. Filmed in: Carampa Circus School (Madrid), Jonglier Katakomben (Berlin), El Local (Madrid), Bon Site (Alcorcón), El Circódromo (Alcorcón), EJC 2008 (Karlsruhe), CAEM (Pamplona-Iruña), Zilipurdi (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Declan´s Kitchen (Berlin).






Berlin: Juggling wizards in winter!


I already liked Berlin, but this trip I found out that it's the best city in Europe for finding indoor practice spaces during winter, not to mention all the friendly jugglers and circus artists who live and train here. It's inspiring, fun, and very nice to be in a big city that supports and encourages juggling! Thank you to all the talented people who appear in this video, including, but not limited to: Declan, Mark, Luke, Bart, Fabio, Karolina, Alex, Josh (Sorry I'm too senile to have remembered everyone's name! I would like to credit you, so please leave your name in a comment for me, if you appear in here? Danke!) Thanks also to Geraldine and her family, Luke and Pola, and Tona and Mischa for hosting me and helping me with the videography. Danke to the people at Jonglierkatakomben, especially Carlo, and all the others who put up with my broken German. Deutsch ist schwerer als 5 Club Backcrosses!






EJC 2010 - K8 Light Night Party


Finale of the K8 Light Night Party under the tent EJC 2010 in Joensuu, Finland Only K8 props were used during this show: http://www.k8malabares.com//nDirection: Marco Paoletti Music: Milian Vogel Visuals and Editing: Christian Kielblock/nPerforming artists: Mark O'Sullivan, Markus Furtner, Declan Mee, Peter Bone, Valerie Sealey, Kaitsu, Dixy, Perry, Julio, Manuel Mitasch








This video is a short showcase of some of the results of months of research in ring manipulation. The video was shot in just a few short hours with a mobile phone camera and without the aid of a camera man but was expertly edited by Hannah Martin. Simple as the production is, it is for me a fine a example of the conclusion of the research; Rings are cool. /nJuggling - Pol Hanrahan Camera - A black stool and tape Editing - Hannah Martin Music - "Madiba" by Robert Lee Furdoe Filmed in the Katakomben Berlin Thanks to everyone who contributed with special mention to Hannah Martin, The black stool, Declan Mee, Stefan Sing and Darragh McGloughlin






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