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BKA Outlink - Trick 4


C-Whip. This trick baffled me completely. So I went to the bare basics and looked at "Knees", the second book from The Void and Donald Grant. Coming from a ZERO juggling background, string tricks have eluded me for the past 6.5 years of playing Kendama. Until now....






Funland Tricks: Kickstart


Kickstart by Noora. Quick and easy way to get the hoop to the knees with a little flick of the foot. We are two girls from Finland and we're here to bring you new flavor to your hoop dance! The idea is to show different level tricks in many angles. 
We won't be talking, because a.) we don't like tutorials with a lot of babbling ourselves, so we decided to do something different and b.) we would sound like idiots! ;)
 We welcome anyone to send us a trick of their own, please contact us at: [email protected] and be part of the Funland Trick team! You can also suggest a trick for us and we do our very best to make it true.
 Now, we do this only for fun and for the sake of sharing hoop luv, so please understand that it might take a while to answer to your message. We will answer to every single one though.
Thank you for your patience! Enjoy the tricks, we will post a new one every sunday so remember to subscribe! Happy hooping! https://moodforhoop.jux.com/ www.moodforhoop.fi www.tuliduo.fi






Grad School 1


I've been in grad school for 18 months now and it's been a difficult trip. Certainly more time consuming than undergrad but after the first semester I managed to find time to balance life out a bit more, resume volunteer work and circus training. The tricks in this video were mostly filmed over Thanksgiving and Christmas break and almost entirely involve backcrosses with clubs mainly because that's what I'm most excited about sharing at the moment. My knees gave me some problems several years ago and it's made me too paranoid about re-injuring them to do 360 tricks on an un-waxed floor. It's not any loss to the viewer as I haven't learned any new spin tricks in a long time. This is not to say I don't give them the effort, just that I haven't improved on them for a while. There are 360 tricks I could do in high school that I can't do much better these days despite the 6 years of practice that have passed. There are no balls in the video because I couldn't find a way to film them clearly and there is not






Life's Little Iron Knees


I've only been playing kendama seriously for 5.5 years, so it's obviously rather early for me to be releasing a solo video, so I apologise for my hastiness. However, I hope you enjoy it, including some of the original tricks therein. If your playback device can manage it, please watch in HD/fullscreen to ensure the tricks hit your eyes with full force. Some tricks inspired by: Donald Grant, Neil Smith, K.Cima. SPOILERS! Trick list SPOILERS! | | | | | | v -[fail] -Dead Body > UFO -Big Cup Fishing > Earth Turn -Elbow Stall > Spike > Elbow Stall > Penguin Base Cup > Spike > Grip Change > UFO -Small Cup Fishing -Slip-on-Stick > Tornado Spinning Top -Slip Grip Fishing -Side Parting > Swing In -Base Cup Fishing -Horizontal Half-Swirl Aeroplane -Hanging Slip-Grip Special > Spike -Banking > Wingwalker > Spike -Spike Fishing -Swing to Base Cup > Fast Hand Candle > Fast Hand Stab -Spacewalk x 10 in a row -C-Whip > Aeroplane -[refreshment interlude] -3-Swirl Aeroplane > Jumping Stick -Bamboo Trap > Fast Hand Stab -Scoop Spike > Fast Hand Earth Turn -Stab > Fast Hand Centrifuge > Fast Hand Base Cup > Stab -Gunslinger > 2-Turn Jumping Stick -Big Cup Banking > Small Cup Banking -Tap-Tornado Scoop Spike -Scissor-delayed Aeroplane > Scissor-delayed 2-Turn Jumping Stick -Everest > Fast Hand Aeroplane -Bucket In The Well -Screwdriver






Nursery Rhyme Juggle :D


Random Juggling Idea! First line of "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" successfully juggled! Silly but fun :D






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