_ look who's talking

"Thank you, Ethan. It was Nothing, really."
TLMB Nothing

"This is great!"
EthanBrain Nothing

"Thanks a lot to both of you! That's encouraging me to make more :)"
DanielSimu 53 ball techniques

"wicked idea, beautifully displayed"
MatthewTiffany 53 ball techniques

"I just have to say it: I find this video a precious milestone in (the history of) teaching what it means to master all of a basic pattern at first believed trivial!"
7b_wizard 53 ball techniques

":-o Isn't that very private?!"
7b_wizard Balls, deep in twatt

"Well done Thom. I hope you keep doing these until after I'm dead."
TLMB 31 Tricks for a 31 Year Old

"You are a very silly man. Well done. :-)"
TLMB Balls, deep in twatt

"I am a cellist with the Kansas City Symphony by day and I caught the juggling virus almost 4 years ago and this is more or less the result. Never looked back. A lot to learn!
Anecdotally: Offenbach was also a cellist!"

Pugger I Can Can Juggle!

"cool freaky new iconic !"
7b_wizard #39 HockHart Camp 2016 - Part 3 - SALZIG Sporthocker

"Nicely ``studied´´ with the camera, nice vid, wonderful setup, looks very feelgood juggling!
Keep it up!"

7b_wizard Jongle Basilique Cointe

7b_wizard 5 club helicopters

"that is suberb!! youve really built on what the japanese guy did about 5 years ago, as well as some cool new ideas."
MatthewTiffany Juggl3ring

"Where is Max Oddball now?"
Juliet Sean Gandini interviewed by Max Oddball 1980s

"You know Jas Angelo the juggler."
Juliet Max Oddball on You Bet


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