_ look who's talking

"Siellä se on, .. virtaus! Bravo!
There it is, .. the flow!"

7b_wizard X-palkit 16.5.2019

greenac30824 Juggling & Footbag

"°AaaaahhH° .. .. .. "pommppimminninnen". °yippie°"
7b_wizard Balls & sticks 19.1.2019

TLMB Pallot & rätti 30.1.2019

"Thx, 7bw."
TLMB The Incredible Unlikeliness Of Birding

"Very Interesting deep insight into the anatomy of throwing.
Epic juxtaposition to their origins!"

7b_wizard The Incredible Unlikeliness Of Birding

"Fun stuff, jani. Do you ever think of compiling your clips into a longer video, with sound?"
TLMB Kepulat 30.12.2018

( I forgot to breathe )"

7b_wizard Some devilish Tricks from deep down Below

"Ja Jumala sanoi: "Olkoon se propmix!", Ja hän sanoi: "Olkoon pomppiminen!", Mutta hän unohti: "Olkoon propmixpomppiminenjongleerauksessa!"
[ And God said: 'Let there be propmix!', and he said: 'Let there be bounce-juggling!', but he forgot: 'Let there be propmixbouncejuggling!' ]"

7b_wizard Balls&Ring 15.12.2018

"I think a well executed 4 ball Mills Mess is as beautiful as a composition by Bach! practice practice practice..."
Pugger Bach Cello Juggling

"nice flow. love those crossarm overheads!"
7b_wizard Rem In D

"Génial! .. drôles d'idées, un véritable style, un art, et tellement sportif. bravo."
7b_wizard Merci Samsung

"... le poulycroc me fait remonter des souvenirs merci..."
jungleman Marginal

"Hey, sa fait plaisir de te revoir, très bonne vidéo... et vive la créativité..."
jungleman Merci Samsung

greenac30824 Working on the stalls

"Hi Stephen. I used Algodoo to simlulate a 3 ball shower:
Not sure how well it emulates reality but it has motivated me to modify my drop juggle machine into a toss juggle machine."

jimmyde Claude Shannon Juggling Machine

"Yes! Story, character, skill, humor. Beautiful."
iFratar Ciao - Show Cara-Compagnie / Bounce Juggling

"tchrheuhahahahaaaaaaa XoD"
7b_wizard Minicircus 9.9.2018

"Cool trick dude, good job! ; )"
dwien We find squash square

"Utmost appealing juggling film ! Enjoyable devotion & fun aswell !"
7b_wizard Juggling Nutcrackers!

"Nice filing cabinet. :)"
JTV Papertrick 13.11.2018

"enjoying your inventions very much! you are like the new michael moschen!"
MatthewTiffany Kumikeppi 21.10.2018

7b_wizard KUAN Isolated

TLMB TOM OF CIRCUS Lauri's and Rauli's 7ball duet

"wonderful! thanks loads for uploading this one!"
MatthewTiffany Rudy Cardenas

Thanks! This code is not great for validating CS's juggling fomula because the balls state (in the hand or in the air) is not tracked."

StephenMeschke Claude Shannon Juggling Machine

"Sehr cool!"
nobbes Mazas

"Wonderful program Stephen! I am Jim, the one who built a CS juggling machine. I haven't copied your python code yet to play with it. Wish I was math/physics whiz like you but have too many interests as is to start learning. I haven't checked your code out but wondered, does it validate CS's juggling formula?"
jimmyde Claude Shannon Juggling Machine

"Hooray for VHS! Thanks for rescuing this. It's always good to see Luke."
TLMB Luke Wilson at first 531-festival, Helsinki 1999 (20years ago)

"Yes it is EXACTLY under the stage!"
Pugger Juggling Nutcrackers!


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