_ look who's talking

"wonderful! thanks loads for uploading this one!"
MatthewTiffany Rudy Cardenas

Thanks! This code is not great for validating CS's juggling fomula because the balls state (in the hand or in the air) is not tracked."

StephenMeschke Claude Shannon Juggling Machine

"Sehr cool!"
nobbes Mazas

"Wonderful program Stephen! I am Jim, the one who built a CS juggling machine. I haven't copied your python code yet to play with it. Wish I was math/physics whiz like you but have too many interests as is to start learning. I haven't checked your code out but wondered, does it validate CS's juggling formula?"
jimmyde Claude Shannon Juggling Machine

"Hooray for VHS! Thanks for rescuing this. It's always good to see Luke."
TLMB Luke Wilson at first 531-festival, Helsinki 1999 (20years ago)

"Yes it is EXACTLY under the stage!"
Pugger Juggling Nutcrackers!

"thanks Matthew, cheers"
noslowerdna Triangle

"nice idea, look me at least a minute to work out it wasnt elastic connecting them together. i hope the next video will gave them connected with elastic!"
MatthewTiffany Triangle

"Thank but i think is another trick ibstead of ru revenge"
toncello truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"Hooray for the Bungay Trick!"
TLMB My Act '15

"mehr zum Thema Jonglieren und Zirkus in Afghanistan findest du auf http://fivestones.at
#7Bälle #10years"

pfuisi In Kabul beim afghanischen Zirkus für Kinder (juggling 7 balls)

greenac30824 mjfb

greenac30824 Andrew got that 7 ball Flash

JohnShearing Inexplicable Irregularities

greenac30824 round_arm_swing.mpg

"good for you, Jessica"
greenac30824 Jessica, 8 yrs old flashing a 6 ball sync pattern

"how does she hold that smile!!!"
MatthewTiffany The Tornados I Knife throwing I The Good Old Days [1976]

"Great stuff! I love the last trick :D"
DanielSimu mjfb

"Teet meidät todistamaan evoluutiota jonglööminä: o) Pidän tästä ideasta lonkerotien parhaaksi
You make us witness steps of evolution in juggling :o) I like this idea for lonkerots best"

7b_wizard Lonkerot 8.7.2018

"Not sure, if it's only me watching, perceiving differently, but @0:14, then very much @0:24 I noticed a `slowness´, plenty of time for what you do sway far out, or for higher throws, maybe due the fast shifters coming absolutely automized, naturally there. Maybe due to - without music - hearing the catching sounds.
Awesome sensations of timing, jumped tacts, time!"

7b_wizard Brainstorque

"Very nice, ingenious, creative! A great example for how there can always be something new in juggling and object manipulation!"
7b_wizard Inexplicable Irregularities

"tchahahahahaaaaa .. that was perfect ennertainmen' XoD"
7b_wizard Hups 3.7.2018

" Worldclass.     What a level of control!
You can win a game of J-U-G-G-L-E with that :]="

7b_wizard More Balls Than MGK

"Very nice ideas, thanks a lot for sharing!"
jo_gazab Inexplicable Irregularities

"This is great. Anyone know what the music is that's played at the beginning of the act? I've heard it used a fair bit in old footage, no idea what it is though."
Conwy_Jester Mr Boomerang [1975]

"great ... smiled so much my face hurts !"
leafmould Thom Wall - Cabaret Demo 2019

"¡Buena esa! ¡gracias por compartir!
nice one! thanks for sharing!"

7b_wizard truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"top level! impressing!"
7b_wizard I'm 21 (#1)

"absolutely top entertaining .. what a gift to make people laugh like that! .. glued a smile to my face :o]"
7b_wizard Thom Wall - Cabaret Demo 2019

"Thanks! That's one of my favourite families of patterns these days. My repertoire barely had any catches below a neutral position so I needed something to do that, and this is what I came up with."
Mike Mike IJA Individual Prop Competition 1st place


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