_ look who's talking

"This is great. Anyone know what the music is that's played at the beginning of the act? I've heard it used a fair bit in old footage, no idea what it is though."
Conwy_Jester Mr Boomerang [1975]

"great ... smiled so much my face hurts !"
leafmould Thom Wall - Cabaret Demo 2019

"¡Buena esa! ¡gracias por compartir!
nice one! thanks for sharing!"

7b_wizard truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"top level! impressing!"
7b_wizard I'm 21 (#1)

"absolutely top entertaining .. what a gift to make people laugh like that! .. glued a smile to my face :o]"
7b_wizard Thom Wall - Cabaret Demo 2019

"Thanks! That's one of my favourite families of patterns these days. My repertoire barely had any catches below a neutral position so I needed something to do that, and this is what I came up with."
Mike Mike IJA Individual Prop Competition 1st place

"I particularly enjoyed 1:44. :-) Nice one, well done."
TLMB Mike IJA Individual Prop Competition 1st place

"Rubenstein's Revenge. Well done."
TLMB truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"juggling, spinning, twirling, swinging, contactstaffing .. a very appealing variety of fire props!"
7b_wizard FIRE SHOW

"As Ed points out: Notation incorrectly labels the transitions. Should be A->B, B->C, C->A at the end."
ponk MiniEd

"After having searched for "Ron Blowdart", and finding nothing, I got the tip-off from Mikey last week that his stage name was Rondart. That meant I could find https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6768397/ , and also a video at http://www.britishpathe.com/video/dart-blower-aka-showbiz-performers-from-windmill/query/Rondart . Not the blowpipe I was imagining! And http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/history/11765732.A_tip-off_about_Rondart/ also mentions a Paul Daniels Show appearance in 1985, but that seems to be missing from my collection, alas."
TLMB An interview with Don Robertson

"° g e e ° .. what all you're discovering !! haha great!"
7b_wizard Lyö mua. Hit me

"always a highlight, love it!"
7b_wizard Graphy

"@7b_wizard: Yes, kendama is great exercise - if you're doing it right! :-)"
TLMB Xylem Friday

"Stunning, surprising, queer combination. One might think, it were impossible to get the timing. Bravo!"
7b_wizard Passing clubs & boomerangs

"Thanks! :). Just a nice lil move. Might try with 5 soon!"
Stefan 4 ball bounce

"Very original!! Superb!"
7b_wizard Ballistix trailer

"Haha (di'n expect that), cool!"
7b_wizard 4 ball bounce

"That is  a b s u r d  .. it makes no sense!  Haha XoD"
7b_wizard Pora&keppi 12.5.2018

"Gorgeous 7 balls!"
7b_wizard Short juggling highlights July 7th 2018

"¡Buen ritmo! Cautivando, un placer de ver!
Nice beat! Haunting, a pleasure to watch!"

7b_wizard Throwing High

"It's amazing how that little thingy requires the whole body to go with it (making it really a physical \sportive \``body-balancive´´ ado)."
7b_wizard Xylem Friday

"You can edit it in. :-)"
TLMB *9 LD Pro juggling balls to give away*

"Hot pink isn’t a colour we currently stock, I think it should be though! Oh damn that’s awkward haha!"
jugglerdavies *9 LD Pro juggling balls to give away*

"a) Do they come in Hot Pink? b) You forgot to use clipperchallenge as an actual jtv tag."
TLMB *9 LD Pro juggling balls to give away*

"Хорошая компиляция, спасибо за обмен! - Nice compilation, thanks for sharing!"
7b_wizard World Juggling Day Russia

"Clever trick! That is so difficult to master. I actually wanted to contact you about the video you shot at Aidan Burns’ funeral. Sorry I was unable to message you directly so I thought I’d try here. I’m his cousin from Australia. I’m in London for a few days. My email is:
My email is: bird_s@bigpond.com. I’d really like to talk to you about using some of it in a tribute film I’m making on him. Cheers"

seabreeze Brand New Dance

"FREAKS "" :-O"
7b_wizard #43 HockHart Camp 2017 - Part 4 - SALZIG Sporthocker

"Great explorations! Wonderful, how speedy & poised the ball hops over the edge and already before knows where to land!
All reminds me of things you see at handcrafter's markets, at building sites, at work, in bike-shops, anywhere, that you feel an urge to handle and try out, but you don't have the time cos' you're busy at work."

7b_wizard X-palkit 17.4.2018

"Belle atmosphère avec la trompète de jazz pour une jonglerie bien douée et fluente. Un plaisir à regarder!"
7b_wizard Naked Feet


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