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kellysantos Sticks and girafe !!!!!

"awesome mastery!
caught myself swaying while watching ( on those widely hugely scooped holds or catches )"

7b_wizard Antipatterns

"The level of awesome here is ridiculous."
noslowerdna Tricks with a Horizonal Throw

simonspin Kehikot 5.4.2018

"@7b_wizard That's right, "juggling" moves have been growing in popularity in kendama over the past 3-4 years, and it's all the rage. However, I refuse to take the "long string route", preferring the back roads. :-)"
TLMB WOW Kendama

"nirvanic ;o]=
"keep up with the kids" suggests, it's a known or common move \discipline (not newly researched by you), right?"

7b_wizard WOW Kendama

"thanks so much to Thee Void for capturing this one on film xx"
MatthewTiffany I am the very model of a Modern British Juggler

"In fact when I know what is meant by heff, zip, pass or anti-spin
When I can tell at sight a Henry’s mirage from a Delphin
Or when ive volunteered enough to get all badgers on my sleeve
I may just finally get around to maybe learning 3 beat weave.
I throw and spin and grind and catch and rev and game and have a laugh
Its only been 5 days or so but now I really need a bath
In short in matters thrower, catcher, balancer and spinner-er
I am the very model of a modern British juggler."

MatthewTiffany I am the very model of a Modern British Juggler

"Frogabout! :-D"
TLMB The Black Room 5

"Pretty. What about a pattern where the balls don't follow identical paths?"
TLMB 441 Circle Transform

"thanks for the honesty dude! ive never bought them as they are too expensive for me, if never had free ones cos im not cool enough to deserve them!! however i have juggled hundreds of them, from brand new to way past it.
i dont find them any better than sports balls or fergies, both of whom were, i believe, making those types of balls before gballz, they are also in my opinion no better than juggledream/sports ones, although much more variation of the product is available with gballz.
buying balls from outside the uk is tough as you will get stung by import tax.
greg is great cos of the variety you can get, he can charge a fortune partly cos his product is near the top of the market, but mostly because his product is the coolest one due to him sending out free samples to the cool gang.
with all the talk recently of stealing props and tricks, how might that impact ball design? i think barnsey (the actual greatest ball maker of all time!) might be owed some royalities!!!
degredation of the product is very important, the materials used to make them hate concrete for example, and rain, you only get about 2 good years out of any ultra suade ball before they start to flake bits off into your eyes, probably about 3 or 4 years with normal suade but they collect dirt much more.
when i started juggling it was almost impossible to find anything to buy as good as what greg producers, it is great they now exist. i used to buy henrys suades and immediately unstitch them and underfill them myself. its through conversation between producer and user that these things get better, so thanks again for your video x"

MatthewTiffany A Jugglers Review | Gballz

krezy staff surves dis krezy wolld exektly rait"

7b_wizard Silly Skills

"thanks :) !"
olivierconrard juggling 5 club takeouts

"génial! .. °woueee° --> 1:37-1:50 !!"
7b_wizard juggling 5 club takeouts

"I didn't know, you were `allowed´ to do behind the back blind slams  :-o   [@ 1:04]"
7b_wizard Summer tricks


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