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"how does she hold that smile!!!"
MatthewTiffany The Tornados I Knife throwing I The Good Old Days [1976]

"Great stuff! I love the last trick :D"
DanielSimu mjfb

"Teet meidät todistamaan evoluutiota jonglööminä: o) Pidän tästä ideasta lonkerotien parhaaksi
You make us witness steps of evolution in juggling :o) I like this idea for lonkerots best"

7b_wizard Lonkerot 8.7.2018

"Not sure, if it's only me watching, perceiving differently, but @0:14, then very much @0:24 I noticed a `slowness´, plenty of time for what you do sway far out, or for higher throws, maybe due the fast shifters coming absolutely automized, naturally there. Maybe due to - without music - hearing the catching sounds.
Awesome sensations of timing, jumped tacts, time!"

7b_wizard Brainstorque

"Very nice, ingenious, creative! A great example for how there can always be something new in juggling and object manipulation!"
7b_wizard Inexplicable Irregularities

"tchahahahahaaaaa .. that was perfect ennertainmen' XoD"
7b_wizard Hups 3.7.2018

" Worldclass.     What a level of control!
You can win a game of J-U-G-G-L-E with that :]="

7b_wizard More Balls Than MGK

"Very nice ideas, thanks a lot for sharing!"
jo_gazab Inexplicable Irregularities

"This is great. Anyone know what the music is that's played at the beginning of the act? I've heard it used a fair bit in old footage, no idea what it is though."
Conwy_Jester Mr Boomerang [1975]

"great ... smiled so much my face hurts !"
leafmould Thom Wall - Cabaret Demo 2019

"¡Buena esa! ¡gracias por compartir!
nice one! thanks for sharing!"

7b_wizard truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"top level! impressing!"
7b_wizard I'm 21 (#1)

"absolutely top entertaining .. what a gift to make people laugh like that! .. glued a smile to my face :o]"
7b_wizard Thom Wall - Cabaret Demo 2019

"Thanks! That's one of my favourite families of patterns these days. My repertoire barely had any catches below a neutral position so I needed something to do that, and this is what I came up with."
Mike Mike IJA Individual Prop Competition 1st place

"I particularly enjoyed 1:44. :-) Nice one, well done."
TLMB Mike IJA Individual Prop Competition 1st place

"Rubenstein's Revenge. Well done."
TLMB truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"juggling, spinning, twirling, swinging, contactstaffing .. a very appealing variety of fire props!"
7b_wizard FIRE SHOW

"As Ed points out: Notation incorrectly labels the transitions. Should be A->B, B->C, C->A at the end."
ponk MiniEd

"After having searched for "Ron Blowdart", and finding nothing, I got the tip-off from Mikey last week that his stage name was Rondart. That meant I could find https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6768397/ , and also a video at http://www.britishpathe.com/video/dart-blower-aka-showbiz-performers-from-windmill/query/Rondart . Not the blowpipe I was imagining! And http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/history/11765732.A_tip-off_about_Rondart/ also mentions a Paul Daniels Show appearance in 1985, but that seems to be missing from my collection, alas."
TLMB An interview with Don Robertson

"° g e e ° .. what all you're discovering !! haha great!"
7b_wizard Lyö mua. Hit me

"always a highlight, love it!"
7b_wizard Graphy

"@7b_wizard: Yes, kendama is great exercise - if you're doing it right! :-)"
TLMB Xylem Friday

"Stunning, surprising, queer combination. One might think, it were impossible to get the timing. Bravo!"
7b_wizard Passing clubs & boomerangs

"Thanks! :). Just a nice lil move. Might try with 5 soon!"
Stefan 4 ball bounce

"Very original!! Superb!"
7b_wizard Ballistix trailer

"Haha (di'n expect that), cool!"
7b_wizard 4 ball bounce

"That is  a b s u r d  .. it makes no sense!  Haha XoD"
7b_wizard Pora&keppi 12.5.2018

"Gorgeous 7 balls!"
7b_wizard Short juggling highlights July 7th 2018

"¡Buen ritmo! Cautivando, un placer de ver!
Nice beat! Haunting, a pleasure to watch!"

7b_wizard Throwing High

"It's amazing how that little thingy requires the whole body to go with it (making it really a physical \sportive \``body-balancive´´ ado)."
7b_wizard Xylem Friday


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