_ look who's talking

"i loved throwing in the 5th diabolo at camvention 2015 but i dont need to because of your self starts"
tombennettdavis 5 Diabolo Evolution: April 2013 to August 2015

"Wow, WTF amazing!"
D3N12EN Vermont Vaude Ville Rolla Bolla

"That 1d sequence at 2:09 is awesome. Great flow"
Conall Two Years 48 Months

"No comments yet? Fantastic work, Alex. Congratulations."
TLMB 14 Ball Flash

"thanks void :)"
tombennettdavis 4 Diabolo Progress 2

"Good work, Tom. Nice to meet you at BJC."
TLMB 4 Diabolo Progress 2

"wow im so young"
tombennettdavis diabolo tricks 2

"@MaxOddball If you don't like the fact that this is currently 1 starred, then DO SOMETHING about it, by rating it yourself. Ratings are done by people. You are people. It's not hard to click on a star."
JTV Tumble Circus

"And now, this is the video with the greatest amount of time elapsed between upload and first comment."
JTV Browner Toasted

"You're correct, Rauli, that, after some "test uploads" (now deleted), this was the first video uploaded to JTV. Admittedly, we were still in quiet beta mode at the time, but it's great to see Mr Browner on the front page."
JTV Browner Toasted

"What can we say? We know where our towel is."
JTV 100 days of Juggling days 76-100

"Sass that hoopy frood? You crack me up JTV!"
TheCatchingMachine 100 days of Juggling days 76-100

"*prasanna rao :)"
bad1dobby Prasana Raoul - Hand Shadows

"This is really awesome! so many fun novel ideas with fun seeming props!"
Hapiel cups and mugs 2017

"thats supper rad! I wanna play!! hahah"
apay34 Pendulum Waves Piano


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