_ look who's talking

"nice idea, look me at least a minute to work out it wasnt elastic connecting them together. i hope the next video will gave them connected with elastic!"
MatthewTiffany Triangle

"Thank but i think is another trick ibstead of ru revenge"
toncello truco con tres y trucos con cinco

"Hooray for the Bungay Trick!"
TLMB My Act '15

"mehr zum Thema Jonglieren und Zirkus in Afghanistan findest du auf http://fivestones.at
#7Bälle #10years"

pfuisi In Kabul beim afghanischen Zirkus für Kinder (juggling 7 balls)

greenac30824 mjfb

greenac30824 Andrew got that 7 ball Flash

JohnShearing Inexplicable Irregularities

greenac30824 round_arm_swing.mpg

"good for you, Jessica"
greenac30824 Jessica, 8 yrs old flashing a 6 ball sync pattern

"how does she hold that smile!!!"
MatthewTiffany The Tornados I Knife throwing I The Good Old Days [1976]

"Great stuff! I love the last trick :D"
DanielSimu mjfb

"Teet meidät todistamaan evoluutiota jonglööminä: o) Pidän tästä ideasta lonkerotien parhaaksi
You make us witness steps of evolution in juggling :o) I like this idea for lonkerots best"

7b_wizard Lonkerot 8.7.2018

"Not sure, if it's only me watching, perceiving differently, but @0:14, then very much @0:24 I noticed a `slowness´, plenty of time for what you do sway far out, or for higher throws, maybe due the fast shifters coming absolutely automized, naturally there. Maybe due to - without music - hearing the catching sounds.
Awesome sensations of timing, jumped tacts, time!"

7b_wizard Brainstorque

"Very nice, ingenious, creative! A great example for how there can always be something new in juggling and object manipulation!"
7b_wizard Inexplicable Irregularities

"tchahahahahaaaaa .. that was perfect ennertainmen' XoD"
7b_wizard Hups 3.7.2018


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