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Jtv says_ A great resource for new 3-ball jugglers.

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Just about all the 3 ball tricks: demonstration.
Correction: "Flo's Mess" on this video is actually a "Half Mess"
My House - 2008 United States
  2008-07-11 09:00 10113

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Arimane _ 125 months
“nice vid. Just a tip, adding siteswaps to tricks would help, I think, understanding them =)”
cy _ 133 months
“cheers for that man. has given me a few new ideas to play with.”
Diaboflehavre _ 142 months
“now i've understood a lot :)”
lelouch _ 146 months
“great discription and presentation.
juggler57 _ 147 months
“very good job”
Diaboloniclas _ 159 months
TLMB _ 159 months
“Hi Joe,

Good video - I'm sure many will find it very helpful. I'm not sure that "Just about *all* the 3 ball tricks" is right though. ;-) Some notes on trick names:

What you call "Factory" is more commonly called "The Machine" (as well as "Robot"). It is a 3-count trick. The 2 count version is what you call "Pendulum" (aka "2-count Machine"). The 1-count version is called "Factory" (but you call it "Waterfall").

I think non-Americans sometimes call "Statue of Liberty" "Waterfall", but it is usually known as S.O.L. outside the USA too.

"World's fastest trick" is also called "Boogie Woogie" or "Piano player", but only if you throw/claw the 2s as well!

"Georgian Shuffle" was a very common trick in the early 90s, but has since faded somewhat from the juggling consciousness.

Cheers, Void”

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