_ 3 ball, special, and contact juggling after 10 months

Although so many things went wrong, I still think this turned out rather well.

In the 3 ball part, I went 2 minutes and 40 seconds without a drop, which is good because when I did drop it, I was done anyway. And try to ignore the hiss, I couldn't get rid of it, but I think later on it just went away.

I did something special for part 2, I won't spoil it, but it sucked getting that right, and it still wasn't as good as I had hoped. Yes I shook the camera and didn't realize it, but after that it went alright. although my hand was in the way for one of the tricks, (hint, inside elbow stall, then again rolling it to the fingers).

Contact juggling, for the first 2 parts I was standing on some cloths because of the squeaky floorboard I was on. In this part I decided to take them away so I can stand level on the floor....and you can hear the results. If you can get past the floorboard, then I did pretty good....in the beginning. It's weird, I purposely put the hard tricks in the beginning so if I kept messing up
CT - 2009 United States
  2009-12-11 08:23 8205

1_ they said...

Peres _ 137 months
“nice moves ehehe”

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