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title: My Props After 40 Months (New Prop!!)

description: Finally got a new prop, and I got it exactly 1 week before filming, and that week was E3 week. All the gamers out there can figure out how much practice I had that week...but yea, I upgraded to new sticks, string, and length 2 days before filming, so it took a while for me to get used to it, even now it feels weird./nBut yea, the 2nd song was a light fun hearted song (for most of it), so that's why I wasn't too serious about editing, it just seemed to fit well having extended clips. I like it.





title: "I Like/You Like" All My Props After 3 Years (Part 1, I Like)

description: I came up with this theme after I realized that me and my audience like 2 different types of things, most of the time anyway (of course there are exceptions). I like small number, smooth and flowy stuff, not necessarily easy, but stuff I can do with 95% confidence. My audience, from what I gathered in public practices and youtube comments, they like the stuff I can sometimes do on a good day. Originally this was going to be a my favorites and best videos. But really, my favorites are what I like, the best is what you like./nSo I hope you like my videos! Make sure to watch part 2 after!





title: Contact/Toss Juggling 23 Months and Hoop Isos 3 Months

description: First I have to say a huge thank you for Sir_Riel for an amazing job shooting and editing this video, I love it, and you should all check him out here http://www.youtube.com/user/sirrielkeebler This video was mostly shot at Turbofest in Canada, some other parts are just shot in my room. I have nothing else to add to that, Sir_Riel did an amazing job, go watch his videos!





title: All My Props After 25 Months (with special guest September)

description: Youtube deleted this video for copyright, so I'm putting it here, enjoy!





title: Contact Juggling after 17 months

description: I can explain myself with this one. I did the toss juggling shots first since I had different locations and the wind wouldn't let me juggle for too long at a time. And the contact part was supposed to be like 2 straight runs. So after the juggling part was done, my battery was almost dead. So I quickly made the 2 runs (about 3 minutes each) and also shot some experimental tricks. I figured that would take all 4 minutes of my song....nope...after some editing it totaled about 2 minutes and 30 seconds...so I had to stretch it out./nSo this is pretty much an instructional video now. I threw in some names for the hard stuff so you can ask me about those if you have questions./nThe song is Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm. That song is dedicated to the last trick I do in this video, it's my poison.
Tags: contact - juggling - 17 - months





title: Toss Juggling After 17 Months (rings for 2 months)

description: I REALLY hate wind. I seriously gave up on this video after I had about 30 minutes of footage but only 10 seconds of tricks, because the rest of the footage was of me waiting for the wind to die down so I can continue. I put my rings in the car then headed to a new area to do the contact juggling video. Then I found out the new area is blocked off with trees so there was barely any wind. So I went back and grabbed my rings and shot most of this video down there./nI always forget something, last month I forgot those behind the back catches, this month I forgot some multiplex 4 ring starting tricks. I should write down all the tricks I have to do before I head out.../nAs for this video, I like how it came out besides the choppiness when I do 4 and 5 rings./nThe song is Coming Undone by Korn.
Tags: toss - juggling - rings - 17 - months





title: Juggling After 16 Months (new style)

description: I liked how this one turned out. It's not my usual style of 1 straight take, this one has edits. I had to do edits for various reason. I also forgot a trick I can do very well, behind the back catches with my new toys, and I'm mad I forgot that since I spent a good 3 days straight practicing it. Like I said in the intro, I've only been doing rings for 2 weeks (well 2 weeks and 2 days) and I pretty much haven't done anything at all except them.
Tags: ball - club - ring - contact - juggling - 16 - months





title: Follow the leader week 10

description: I'm moving my follow the leader videos over here. I won again by doing an arm spiral, so I followed it with a forarm neck roll.
Tags: contact - juggling





title: Multiball follow the leader competition week 1

description: Here's week 1 of the multiball competition, which I dont think I'll do too well in. but I followed the 2 ball palm spin with a 2 ball ratchet.
Tags: multiball - contact





title: arm spiral tutorial

description: Just a tutorial/warning for people using acrylics to do arm spirals. If your not experienced, DO NOT spin the ball above your head, do it in front of you, like I do here.
Tags: arm - spiral - tutorial





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