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Juggling from the 1980s before it was spread around the world by internet. Rarely in contact with a large juggling community as we are today, Mark came up with some nice figures and ideas in a circus context back in these days.

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_ 5,6 and 7 ball juggling in 1987!

5,6 and 7 ball juggling in 1987 at the National Circus of Austria (Althoff-Jacobi). Believe it or not, but when I performed 7 balls in these years I had never seen any other juggler doing this before.
I used tennisballs filled with rice. 1987 was my only booking in a circus, usually I performed in night-clubs, casinos and cabarets with low ceiling. You notice that I didn't juggle very high.
  2015-01-19 14:22 4356

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TLMB _ 108 months
“Wow, this is cool, I missed it at first (thx Jo for featuring!) The mixed size silver balls looked great, and the spinning giant tennis racket balance trick was amazing. Great stuff, Mark, thanks for uploading.”

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