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Jtv says_ A different way of watching juggling patterns. See things from the ball's point of view! Anyone who gets motion sick might want to beware though.....

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_ Juggling ball tracking

A couple of weeks ago I filmed Ewan juggling three stage balls at the
Durham Juggling Convention. Using my editing software I then tracked each
ball individually to highlight the movement of the balls and the patterns
they make.
The results were very interesting. Check them out.
I'd love to hear you comments on this video and any suggestions on how i
can develop the idea in the future. I am planning to film more
interesting patterns with more objects but i thought three would be enough
for now. I'll also film it using more light so i can film at 1/200 or
1/500 exposure instead of 1/100 so the balls don't blur. Any way, I hope you enjoyed it.
  2008-11-02 02:10 8949

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BrentFiasco _ 156 months
“How about compounding the effect by tracking a single end of a club? The epicycles would make it like Disney's tea cups.”
JugglingJoe _ 171 months
“nice idea, yet pretty dizzy to watch”
Grant _ 187 months
“I like it, even though it is a little hard to watch in places. i think a purer back ground colour so we can't see it move would be good, and may be not as many patterns with a zip in them as that makes alot of shake. partically like the 3 static balls, made me laugh, great, well done.”
TLMB _ 187 months
“A nice idea, and you've done what you've done well, but it's really quite hard to watch. My suggestion would be to keep the shot still, highlight a ball (with a glowing outline, or somesuch), and then add varying degrees of trail. Possibly doing the same with multiple balls. Of course the end result might be something like an old Jackson 5 video, but who's to say that would be a bad thing? :-)”

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