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_ Was It Really Worth the Wait?

I haven't had very many creative ideas recently. Most, if not all the tricks in this video were other people's tricks, or ideas they had for me to try. Let's see if you can match the jugglers with the tricks I did because of them.

Josh Horton
Matt Hall
Dave Nager
John Nations
Wes Peden
Tony Duncan
Michael Karas
Luke Burrage
Mark Kolbuz
Thomas Dietz

Music by Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
  2009-03-25 04:57 4677

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MichaelAKaras _ 181 months
“That very last "catch" (AKA drop) pretty much sums up filming juggling videos. Happens all the time - you land this ridiculous string of insanity only to have the easiest most mundane behind the back catch go sour. The best thing to do is laugh it off and that's exactly what Joe did by keeping it as the farewell frame.”

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