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JTV says_ Our pal Ian Palmer passed away recently. As well as running Molesey juggling club for years and being a top friend, Ian was a pioneer in the computer graphics industry. He was invaluable in the early stages of JTV, designing some of our very first test pages. The JTV flag is at half mast. We'll miss you, mate. Love, Void & Howie.

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_ Molesey's Final Night

The Final Night from Molesey Juggling Club, nearly London, 17th July 2008. By the time of closing, this club had run for 17 years. Not much footage was recorded but the little I got I've put together here. This video is dedicated in loving memory to Ian Palmer, who ran the club for many years.
Molesey - 2008 United Kingdom
  2009-08-01 02:47 4381

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