_ Hybrid Tricks for Numbers Juggling: Boppo's Whiteboard

This is a family of tricks that are part cascade or fountain, and part shower or pseudoshower, which are good tricks for learning numbers juggling. They are stepping stones between the easier tricks you can do, and target numbers trick you wish to do.
Pseudoshower?! Twin to the shower, it has even high throws and odd period, instead of odd high throws and even period.
The four families of hybrids are, the cascade-shower, the cascade-pseudoshower, the fountain-shower, and the fountain-pseudoshower.
The inf. pseudoshower 3: 1818181 could have been added to the lower right section, on top.
I like all of these tricks, but haven't seen them described this way before.
I also performed 8888181 and 8888881 in Ten Years of Not Juggling, shown on the board. In that film I also performed 6: 99919191, and 5: 88171717, 6: 88881717, 7: 88888817, and also 6: 889191, and 7: 888891, which differ in having shower throws higher than the fountain throws.
Colorado - 2010 United States
  2010-01-12 09:18 8804

1_ they said...

gantenbein _ 172 months
“Hi Boppo,
I really enjoy your whiteboard lessons.
Thanks a lot!

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