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The first in a mini series of Boppo's Whiteboard, for calculating transitions. Perfect for the technical site swappers amongst you, or for those who want to get to know site swap a little better. Check out the other ones too.

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_ Boppo's Whiteboard: "Level of Excitation" Method

Here's the "Level Of Excitation" Method. To use it, you only have to know the get-in and get-out sequences for the excited-state siteswap tricks you wish to transition between. Knowing those, you can write transitions both ways.
  2010-10-09 07:33 20644

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xiaoxin _ 160 months
“Very happy to be here, this site ed hardy is very good, very happy to share with everyone here, I will share with my friends, Thank you for sharing!”
JTV _ 160 months
“Featured this one just because it was the first in the series, and I thought anyone interested in this kind of thing would probably watch them all!”
btiemann _ 160 months
“I'm a little surprised this one was featured. Of all the methods, I think the Throw Sequence method is the best method for coming up with good transitions (http://juggling.tv/4738) and the Human state-space method (http://juggling.tv/4736) is the best if you want a cheat sheet for finding transitions between a lot of tricks (most of which will already share states with one another).”

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