_ Best Method: Throw Sequence (Brute Force) Transitions

If you want to only watch one, watch this one. /nHere's a method to generate siteswap transitions based on where all the balls actually land; making them all work out amounts to creating a sequence. This is my favorite method, and it produces rather easily, all the possible transitions within the context of the throws that you've decided to mess with, either out of necessity (when throws collide) or by choice (when they don't). /nIf you're trying to come up with a way to write an algorithm for producing transitions, I would suggest that this way is the best way. It's deterministic, for one, and it's comprehensive, for another. /nThis is part 1... stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!!
  2010-10-09 14:35 4093

2_ they said...

btiemann _ 163 months
“Either you're safe - or you counted wrong :) But if you counted correctly, it's valid. You can try it with two adjacent ground-state tricks, or by going from 741 to 561. Everything works out. By the way, you can either count up, going backwards, or you can count down, going forwards.”
TLMB _ 163 months
“So, when using the Countback method to check for collisions, if you find none, is it safe to assume that you can switch directly between the tricks with no transition?”

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