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As seen "live" at Mat Ricardo's London Varieties last night, the suave Mr Hoffman shows a hat what's what. Got to love the "zaps" to the head at 0.57 and 1.22. Know (and love) your history!

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Lew Hoffman comedy juggling routine, with some great technical skills too. The diagonal trombone logo and the initials "T.D." suggest he is performing in front of (and presumably being backed by) the Tommy Dorsey band. The (non-contemporary) music is "Time has come" by the Joanne Shaw Taylor band.
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  2011-02-25 02:07 5718

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hatch _ 150 months
“There's a reference to him working in 1913 at http://members.shaw.ca/winnipegvaudeville/Weekly%20Listings/May19-24,1913.html , so it's more likely May was influenced by him than the other way round.”
TLMB _ 157 months
“Maybe he was influenced by May, but that style of juggling was quite prevalent at the time. I also see similarities with Louise Maxim, Rebla, Anita Martell, Stetson, The Melvilles. Wish I knew more about that era.”
peperonius _ 157 months
“excellent...! but... i think he think he is bobby may...!”

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