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It's been wayyy too long since my last big music video, but that's partially due to how little time I've had to really practice since Graduating college. That's no excuse though, and so, after going back and getting right back to where I was before in skill level and then some, here is my next full on showcase of what I can do!
  2011-12-19 09:24 3632

4_ they said...

JoJPodcast _ 140 months
“Heheh! Yup, I drew the picture of me juggling as my final project in my Freehand Drawing class in college. And sure 360's are much better with bags lol, I don't even wanna TRY more than a 3 club 3up XD I'd probably kill myself”
btiemann _ 140 months
“Good going! Nice drawing of you in the room, too, did you draw it? At 4:45, I was sure the text would say, "And that's why I don't juggle rings!" It's why I don't juggle rings, anyway. Pirouettes aren't so bad - in beanbags.”
weld _ 141 months
“Excellent video, enjoyed it very much!”
tziab _ 141 months
“sick guy nice video!!!”

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