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zig zag: Aidan Burns' Scrambled V Variation (cC sC iB)


The feeder is "A", the juggler to the feeder's left is "B" and the juggler to the feeder's right is "C". The feeder counts "1 2 3" to make it easier to keep track of where we are in the pattern. On beats 1 and 3, A (the feeder) and B exchange a pass. On beat 2, A and C exchange a pass. On 3, juggler B catches the pass and walks on four count (rotating the positions anti-clockwise). 1. "cC": The manipulator carries a club to C. 2. "sC": The manipulator substitutes a pass from A to C. 3. "iB": The manipulator (M) intercepts a the pass from A to B. The juggler who was B is the new manipulator, and reads from the manipulator line. All the jugglers are relabeled and the new feeder starts counting the 3 passes. It´s easier for the manipulator tells AND 1 2 3 as the cC actually happens before count 1. We find it much easier to start the pattern on count 2 and miss the cC in the first round. Wolfgang (blue t-shirts) moves different on iB. Just choose your favorite style.






[Diabolo] M4U - The Tune


Hi to all... this is my new video recorded between Oviedo (mostly), Zaragoza and Pescara during the Christmas holidays...what i want to show in this video is "the ideas" behind rather then the tricks itself (the tune in the song that the girl can't remove from her head)...anyway i wish you like it....enjoy little video comment trick at 1:25 - 1:28...Didac (a spanish juggler) show me it during the zaragoza convention and i put it in that combo trick at 1:55 there is a stick's change trick at 2:30 is an integral (or something like that) i try to film it better but my cam is not one of the best and the sticks go too fast like a triple-genocide trick at 2.55 Sergej show me that simple but cool change's sticks at EJC 2008






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