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For me, the concept of a "Look Mum I made a juggling video" refers to a video that is made, not to introduce any new ideas to the juggling community, but rather made because it seems like the thing to do. That is why this film is entitled 'Dave's "Look Mum I Made A Juggling Video" Video'. This movie is intended as a parody on the "Look Mum" video genre. You probably won't learn any new tricks, but hopefully you'll have a good laugh. It should also be noted that this video features neither my true juggling potential nor my true personality. They are both facets of a character that I created for this movie. Enjoy.
look - mum - popstar - dave - lol - kewl - l33t






JoJ 08-28-2011 - Steve Hoggan


Co host Steve Hoggan and Rich Kohut talk about Tony Pezzo's DVD, Taylor's "Caught in the Dark", Ben's Balance Tricks 2, how personality and character affects your image and juggling style, and the Hurrican Hugo Festival.






Life's Little Iron Knees


I've only been playing kendama seriously for 5.5 years, so it's obviously rather early for me to be releasing a solo video, so I apologise for my hastiness. However, I hope you enjoy it, including some of the original tricks therein. If your playback device can manage it, please watch in HD/fullscreen to ensure the tricks hit your eyes with full force. Some tricks inspired by: Donald Grant, Neil Smith, K.Cima. SPOILERS! Trick list SPOILERS! | | | | | | v -[fail] -Dead Body > UFO -Big Cup Fishing > Earth Turn -Elbow Stall > Spike > Elbow Stall > Penguin Base Cup > Spike > Grip Change > UFO -Small Cup Fishing -Slip-on-Stick > Tornado Spinning Top -Slip Grip Fishing -Side Parting > Swing In -Base Cup Fishing -Horizontal Half-Swirl Aeroplane -Hanging Slip-Grip Special > Spike -Banking > Wingwalker > Spike -Spike Fishing -Swing to Base Cup > Fast Hand Candle > Fast Hand Stab -Spacewalk x 10 in a row -C-Whip > Aeroplane -[refreshment interlude] -3-Swirl Aeroplane > Jumping Stick -Bamboo Trap > Fast Hand Stab -Scoop Spike > Fast Hand Earth Turn -Stab > Fast Hand Centrifuge > Fast Hand Base Cup > Stab -Gunslinger > 2-Turn Jumping Stick -Big Cup Banking > Small Cup Banking -Tap-Tornado Scoop Spike -Scissor-delayed Aeroplane > Scissor-delayed 2-Turn Jumping Stick -Everest > Fast Hand Aeroplane -Bucket In The Well -Screwdriver






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