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A Jugglers Review | Gballz


Let me go into more details for you, getting these balls delivered was the first issue I came across. It took a while to resolve issues I was having with the delivery company and for whatever reason I was charged an extra fee to get them released from Parcel Force to me. The balls I received are great quality and one day they will be amazing to juggle, but they are in no means “underfilled beanbags.” I do however appreciate Gregory for all the time and effort he put in to making me a logo and creating the balls and wallet, it was incredible of him to do that off his own back and I really appreciate it. I was in contact with Gregory and told him how awesome it was of him to be doing such things, I even sent him a small amount of money as a thank you for the Logo he created, he gave me his info but never acknowledged it after that. I think Gregory is awesome but I also think he is too busy at times and I believe that may impact how he reacts with customers of the business.






Difficult trick


3 ball squeeze catch foot stall






Mastering the Flash -- IJA Video Tutorial Contest


This video is a tutorial esource for juggler’s interested in numbers juggling, specifically, flashing high numbers. Please leave suggestions and comments here on the video or email them to [email protected]/nJOIN THE IJA, THEY DO AMAZING STUFF! http://www.juggle.org//nARTICLES WORTH READING:/n“Boppo’s Number’s Notes” http://www.juggling.org/help/essays/boppo.html/n“32 Tips on flashing high numbers” https://web.archive.org/web/20071218170216/http://www.jugglingdb.com/compendium/skills/training umbers/flashing.html/n“The Human Limits” http://www.juggling.org/papers/limits//nPROPS:/nDrop Props – Made by my friend Sarah, they are durable, light and amazing for 8-10. I use the 2.25” underfilled bags http://www.dropprops.com//nGballz -- Gregory has always supplied me with excellent props, all have lasted many years of hard usage, well worth the cost: http://www.thegballzfactory.ashop.me/






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