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This video contains my latest ideas including some little experimentation with choreography and clubs. This time, I'm not mentioning any inspirations (although I obviously have inspirations in my style) due to the fact that I decided to exclusively include original ideas (except for the 5BBB). I hope you don't laugh at my clubs because they look small and noobish haha, it's 'cause I bought them when I first started juggling and I don't have other clubs D:

Music: The music used in the video is from the glitch hop duo KOAN Sound. I'd like to thank them a ton for giving me the permission to use their music in the video, especially to their manager Tom Riley who was cool enough not to ignore my request.

KOAN Sound - 7th Dimension
KOAN Sound - Happy Hipsters

Props: Norwiks.

Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Thanks for watching.
Belo Horizonte - 2014 Brazil
  2014-06-30 06:52 2539

3_ they said...

pumpkineater23 _ 96 months
“Great stuff - full of 3ball goodness.”
apay34 _ 97 months
“You are quite the illusionist. Those are some terrific moves you've got in there. I would love to watch a video of you just playing around and juggling to some music rather then trick for trick but that was tight. Solid inspiration, thank you much for sharing!”
Chilo _ 97 months
“Great job!!!”

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