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_ 3 Diabolo low by Jonagold

After a long time of practice: 3 diabolo low
by jonagold
Leuven - 2009 Belgium
  2009-03-17 00:58 4923

6_ they said...

dumeili _ 102 months
“Hello, jonagold;you three bell do well, comparative jian lian, I do three bell already a long time, but has been done bad, I saw your video, also in the imitation of your action or no, I'd like to ask you, you were still won't do, how do you practice, can you introduce your method, best can do a demonstration of the video, if do not video respectively to calculate, thanks for your help,My E-mail:
dumeili _ 102 months
“Hello, I'm dibolo fan, I practice, but already half year 3 ling have been doing not, how did you learn, please tell me your way to practice, homing how to practise? I do know how to cooperate hands? Have you hang bell accelerated right action can have a close look at the video, I sometimes accelerated do bad, if it is convenient to do a simple video, thank you very much
my Emai bble456@yahoo.com.cn Waiting for your reply”
Chrisjuggles _ 121 months
“cooool im new here”
jonagold _ 124 months
“lol, yeh I noticed I'm kinda hopping arround in this vid, dunno how that comes;
Anyway, I'm getting my 3D run better and better every day, and I guess I'm not longer hopping :)”
Leeroy _ 124 months
“stop the hopping^^ but it's a nice run anyway”
Felix _ 124 months
“congratz, really cool =)”

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