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_ Lakeside Orbital Juggling

This is filmed at Lake Monger, facing towards Perth's CBD. The music is Roads by Portishead.

It focuses on the orbits in various juggling patterns. Every juggling pattern is a combination of one or more orbits. Each colour in a pattern corresponds to a different orbit. An orbit is simply a path that a single ball follows. For example if you follow a red ball in a particular pattern, you will see it repeats through a set path. All the red balls in the pattern follow this same path; all the green balls follow their own different path and all the blue balls follow a third separate path.

One technical note: 97531 actually consists of 5 orbits - 91 clockwise, 91 anticlockwise, 73 clockwise, 73 anticlockwise and 5. I combined the two 91 orbits and the two 73 orbits to blue and green because it simply looks much better this way.
Perth - 2009 Australia
  2009-03-21 04:24 4659

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hexagonic _ 181 months
“good stuff, Phil. video looks fine on here, nice to see another video coming out of Perth!!”

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